Coming Soon to a Bookstore Near You

Ripped off of ASP's Web site, where I pusblished Thirty-Something Blues in the Falling from the Sky anthology:

Upcoming novels!

We’ve got several novels in the works; it’s a little too soon to say anything more but we’re excited!

Upcoming anthologies!

In addition to our open submissions, we are currently requesting submissions for our next three anthologies. We aren’t sure of release dates yet — the order we release them is subject to change. The three anthologies are:

  1. Romance! But not romance as in romance novel, but romance as in life - love, heartbreak, and everything in between. Edgy. Real.
  2. Horror! Be it surreal, suspense, splatterpunk or just plain scary.
  3. Sci-fi! Cyberpunk and other tales of the future, now.

For open submissions, please use our submission form.

To submit for one of the anthologies, simply email submissions@anothersky.org with one of the following subject lines:

  • ROMANCE - your name - story title
  • HORROR - your name - story title
  • SCIFI - your name - story title

There are a number of other projects currently at various stages of development with various authors and editors… and musicians. We will be releasing several books in print per year with even more released online only. We’ll put up more info on these projects soon.

If you have any edgy English manuscripts, I'm sure they'd like to take a peek at them!

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