Truth Will Measure!

Excerpt from an e-mail received from Kristopher Young at Another Sky Press:

Truth Will Measure is available for pre-order. Over 100 full-color works by Jesse Reno in a beautiful collection to be released next month! Jesse just got back to Portland from his incredible solo show at the renowned BLK/MRKT GALLERY in Los Angeles, California. If you're near LA, check it out.

“The innate beauty of Reno’s engaging, many-layered paintings invites the viewer into the artist’s complex personal mythology... In assimilating the message that individuals have the power to change for the better, the viewer understands that Reno, beyond being an artist, is able to assume the role of contemporary shaman—accessing totemic symbols for the purpose of restoring equilibrium between human beings and the environment...”
-BLK/MRKT GALLERY, Los Angeles, California

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