Inspiré (inconsciemment) par Papayas for Sale de Jacksta, voici une autre chanson punk/reggae:


I don't wanna sound
Like a dirty clown
When I come to you
With my filthy clothes

I'm not that profound
Can even confound
My spleen and your blues
Ignorance exposed


I can jump around
On your holy ground
'Til I dig for you
Like a pot of gold

You're the one I crowned
Before we went down
Tried to make you
And me


And decomposed


By our blood we're bound
Doesn't it astound you
Both our minds were blown
Both our souls were sold

The killer made no sound
Nor did the crazy clown
We shall be exalted
We shall be extolled

On a mountain very high
Where there's no more sky
Me and you will finally
Take our repose

We weren't predisposed
For fame or for greatness
Life went through our weakness
I guess I suppose


Jacksta said...

excellent... you are on fire, we like this thunder ;)

LeRoy K. May. said...

hey thx jacksta, i almost forgot about that song! geez... i'm on a liquid scenario trip now... will send you instructions in English soon...

LeRoy K. May. said...

fiou! i just found the chords again!

i was afraid that song was gone for ever from my crazy mind!