Rappel! Show de La Part Maudite, c'est demain!

Ben oui... 

LA PART MAUDITE va jouer demain soir, précédé par 2 groupes américains : MEM1 et AREA C !
Tout cela dans un loft chaleureux sur Van Horne, avec de la bière pas chère et un train qui passe à tout moment.
Ce sera le lancement de notre superbe cassette audio en collaboration avec DIOS MIO!

Une belle occasion d'étrenner ton kit de printemps !

vendredi 1 mai/may 1 friday à L'envers
La Parte Maudite + Mem1 + Area C
La Part Maudite is a debonair noise rock trio from Montreal. They play sounds organized in time, flooded by distorted noise inspired by the philosophy of Bataille.  Featuring Philippe Battikha - trumpet & pedals, Mivil Deschenes - bass, and Patrick Dion - drums.
Mem1 (Mark + Laura Cetilia) seamlessly blends the sounds of cello and electronics to create a limitless palette of sonic possibilities. In their improvisation-based performances, all sounds are derived from the cello as the sole source material, which is manipulated in real time. (Los Angeles, California)
AREA C's compositions work with timbre, texture and live loops, exploring cyclical relationships and the details of their decay over time. Improvisation plays an important part in both recordings and live performances, encompassing extended explorations of minimal rhythm and melody, drawing on remnants of other times and places, outdated and untested technologies, signals sent out but never received. (Providence Rhode Island)
portes 21h00/musique 22h00    $5

Shows at 185 Van Horne (@ Esplanade, est du Parc)

Love to see you here,


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