A Contest!

What? A contest? Oh great! And what can you win? I see you drewling over the super Caiman Island package, or that lovers' week-end in Tokyo. But come back to Earth, I'm only offering you a small place in a potential poetry book.

For each fib that I wrote, I'd like to enhance it with an image, a drawing, a painting, of something pictural that could accentuate the poem's value, or heck, steal the show.

So visual artists take note! You'll find all the fibs I wrote on the upper-right corner of my blog, or by clicking on where are those damn fibs (or stay in the English section if you're too scared of accentuated characters, naked women, and crazy gun-loaded pursuits).

Obviously, you have my word that I will put your name next to your work, award you a wonderful gold or platinum © (to the artist's choice), and even publish your work under a free license, if it makes you feel better (I've done it many times in the past), like the Free Art License or the Creative Commons.

Mr. Reno, Mivil, Steve, are you out there?

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