Poetrik July 4th

Suite au commentaire de Jo Ann, voici Poetrik July 4th, hymne à nos amis du Sud, agrémenté d'une illustration du Soul Brother Number One, Mivil :

Ho Ho Ho say can you see
That I yawn in light
Of all the crap you lay abroad, gleaming
Like those broad stripes you hail so proudly
So stupidly

Budweiser is the King of Beers
And GWB the Queen of Queers
The perilous fight will be perilous

Copy the bombs bursting into thin air
Which gave proof through the night
That America is copywrong

Where are the Braves when night falls on Mississippi?
O'er the land of the free the weak drink Coors Light
While Afrika AIDS you

© 2001 LeRoy K May
Copyleft LeRoy K. May
Illustration : Skies of America, © Mivil

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